Pgp public keys

We recommend that all sensitive information be sent to us encrypted, to protect the confidentiality of it.

Below are our PGP public keys:

CONTACT BCSC (institutional contact of the BCSC)

email bcsc
GPG fingerprint: 0892 7DE8 AADE F4A8 530C 54F1 AFB3 7E74 B803 5F4A

Download public key of the BCSC.

CONTACT CSIRT (institutional contact of the CSIRT)

email csirt
GPG fingerprint: 4C32 CBFF F2D8 5BEA 6798 AED2 959D C3E4 7AD1 A427

Download public key of the CSIRT.

INCIDENTS (to report incidents)

email incidencias
email arazoak
GPG fingerprint: 9EE7 86DA 1598 CF7C 3104 3338 D6DC 320D 2DC5 C50A

Download public key for sending INCIDENTS.


Javier Diéguez Barriocanal
email jdieguez
GPG fingerprint: 2806 52E2 8DF9 2528 89DE AF0B 887F F29C 53EA 020B

Download public key of Javier Diéguez.

Asier Martínez Retenaga
Head of CSIRT Services
email amartinez
GPG fingerprint: 8B67 B4A8 4718 B0EB 069B AED9 43A3 DB3D 466A A0E3

Download public key of Asier Martínez.

Iratxe Martín Soriano
Head of ICT Infraestructure
email imartin
GPG fingerprint: 2B5E 6A9B E180 4E80 AA57 BDF1 301F ADE3 6022 D3B5

Download public key of de Iratxe Martín.

Eriz Lopetegui Fernández
Operator engineer
email elopetegui
GPG fingerprint: F96E 827F 9B30 75A6 EA5F 49BE 916B 24A9 7AFE 8369

Download public key of de Eriz Lopetegui.