Basque Cyber Security Centre - Centro Vasco de Ciberseguridad

About BCSC

BCSC, which stands for "Basque Cybersecurity Centre", is the Organization appointed by the Basque Government (State of Spain) to promote cybersecurity in the Basque Country. Our mission is to promote and develop culture and awareness on cybersecurity in the Basque society, to streamline business activities concerning cybersecurity and to create a strong professional sector.

We are a cross-cutting initiative which represents the Basque Government's commitment to its citizens and companies in the field of cybersecurity.

The Basque Cybersecurity Centre (BCSC) is made up of the following stakeholders:

Basque Government - Departments  Economic Development and Infrastructures Security (regional police) Public Governance and Self-Government Education Technology Centres Basque Centre for Applied Mathematics Ik4-Ikerlan Vicomtech Tecnalia

The importance of developing greater cybersecurityEnsuring cybersecurity boosts economic activity, thereby helping to strengthen the professional sector. This in turn contributes to promoting and developing a culture of cybersecurity in Basque society.

Our aim is to be recognised as a meeting point and to spearhead collaborative initiatives, thereby positioning the Basque Country as an international benchmark in the application of cybersecurity technologies to industry.

In order to rise to all these challenges, and with the aim of ensuring an effective response to any possible security-related incidents in the Basque Country, we are working side-by-side with different stakeholders from the Basque science, technology and innovation network, as well as with key public bodies within the Basque Government, such as the EJIE (Basque Government IT Society), the Ertzaintza (Basque Regional Police Force) and the Education Department. We also work with other key stakeholders within the Basque Public Administration, including Izenpe (certification and service company), the AVPD (Basque Data Protection Agency) and public IT companies, along with a large number of different professional, business and citizen associations operating in our region.

Incident handling. Support and advice to Basque citizens and enterprises regarding cybersecurity incidents either on our free helpline: telephone 900 104 891 or via email at: email incidencias /email arazoakVulnerability handling.We put those who discover vulnerabilities in touch with manufacturers, thus fostering responsible dissemination through fluid, honest communications.Artifact handling.We perform technical examination of artifacts and develop (or suggest) response strategies for detecting, removing and defending against these artifacts.Alerts and warnings.We provide practical and relevant information for mitigating and redressing security vulnerabilities in technological systems.Announcements.Information about particularly serious threats and risks.We collect and disseminate computer and internet security-related information.Threat Intelligence Sharing.We share and exchange information on threats with other incident response teams, manufacturers, Internet service providers and various other collaborating entities. Training for professionals.We organise and run workshops and seminars to foster learning in the field of cybersecurity, through Building.
For children and young people.
We organise seminars to raise awareness among children and young people regarding the risks associated with the improper use of new technologies, and how to avoid them.
For companies and associations working in the industrial field.
We organise seminars to help raise awareness in Basque industry regarding the need to implement the necessary cybersecurity measures in order to maintain current levels of competitiveness and innovation on different international markets.

Added value
Monitoring of the Basque public networks.We identify and take measures to mitigate cyber-threats which put the citizens and/or companies of the Basque Country at risk.Collaboration with the Basque Police Force.We work to improve our ability to prosecute cyber-criminals and to enhance the protection provided to Sensitive Facilities.Fostering subsidies.We foster the process of implementing cybersecurity measures in industrial environments. Promotion of Basque stakeholders.We actively search for new members and make contact with complementary stakeholders with the aim of enabling collaborative projects.Aligning expertise.We coordinate R&D&I initiatives. Basque Digital Innovation Hub.We work to create infrastructures and to place them at the service of the business community. Support for entrepreneurship in the field of cybersecurity.We work within the BIND 4.0 initiative to support Basque cybersecurity startups.Support and identification of talent in relation to cybersecurity.We collaborate in the development of initiatives which aim to encourage young people to see cybersecurity as a viable professional career.



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