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The BCSC takes part in the CSIT 9th Annual World Cyber Security Summit

On the 8th and 9th of May, the CSIT 9th Annual World Cyber Security Summit in Belfast. The singular feature of this summit is the fact that it unites the international research community, leaders of industry, creators of government policy and new companies and small and middle-size businesses from around the world under one roof.

The important role regions play in creating a safer society

At present we rely heavily on the technological know-how of places like the United States and Israel. In order to reduce this dependence and grow our own skills, the European authorities have recently been developing cooperation policies with suppliers, industry, centres for technological development and experts in the field.

The Basque cybersecurity ecosystem shows its potential at the San Francisco RSA Conference (USA)

The Basque cybersecurity ecosystem has demonstrated its potential at the RSA Conference, one of the most internationally important cybersecurity events, held in San Francisco (USA) from the 4th to the 8th of March. During the event the Centro Vasco de Ciberseguridad-Basque Cybersecurity Centre (BCSC), in collaboration with several Basque cybersecurity companies, organised a seminar to showcase the potential of the Basque cybersecurity ecosystem, accompanied by the minister for Economic Development and Infrastructures, Arantxa Tapia.

The BCSC demonstrates the strengths of the basque research ecosystem to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The Basque Cybersecurity Centre (BCSC) has performed two internationally significant actions which place the Basque Country as a European reference point for cybersecurity and will strengthen the position of Basque industrial and research cybersecurity ecosystems beyond our borders, following the strategy designed by the Basque Government's Department for Economic Development and Infrastructures and the Grupo SPRI.

Basque Cybersecurity ecosystem gains European recognition

Continuing advances in the 4.0 strategy of the Basque industrial sector have been the driving force behind the development of a strong cybersecurity industry over the last few years. Uniting in one single geographical area both an important demand for cybersecurity services and a well-rounded offer of solutions, the Basque Country has evolved into an interesting ecosystem for investment and international entrepreneurship.

102 Basque companies to receive grants from the Basque Government to boost industrial cybersecurity

This year a total of 102 companies - 56 in Guipuzkoa, 25 in Biscay and 21 in Alava - have taken advantage of the Basque Government grants for boosting industrial cybersecurity. The programme, a pioneer in our area, is driven by SPRI and had an initial budget of 600,000 Euros, which was later extended to one million Euros thanks to the high number to companies which applied for a grant. This public investment will serve to promote privately funded investment in cybersecurity to the tune of 2.34 million Euros.

White Paper on Cybersecurity in the Basque Country

Today, society's dependence on technology implies a challenge for both the public and private sector, as they have had to engage with up-to-the-minute developments in order to satisfy the new demands of citizens and the market, as new technologies become more and more linked with their sectors' evolution.