Basque Cyber Security Centre - Centro Vasco de Ciberseguridad

The Basque Cybersecurity Centre (BCSC) organises Basque Cibersecurity Day: The meeting point for cybersecurity in the Basque Country

Cybersecurity is a transversal risk which affects all areas of society. Private users are constantly affected by different kinds of attack from the net, such as phishing and a multitude of other scams. Companies, meanwhile, are also constantly under attack from cybercriminals trying to access their systems, receiving denial-of-service attacks or becoming victims of attempts to deceive, such as the CEO scam. All of this can definitively affect the continuity of a business.

As part of an exercise in responsibility towards companies and the general public, the Basque Government set up the Centro Vasco de Ciberseguridad (known by its English acronym, BCSC) as an initiative within the framework of SPRI whose objectives include promoting the application of cybersecurity measures in industry, giving visibility to everything done in the field of cybersecurity in the Basque Country, and creating a culture of cybersecurity.

Since our inception, we have launched services in the field of CSIRT (incident response team) and also those services which aim to provide added value to Basque society in general, and more specifically, to companies. Likewise, we have established relationships based on trust and collaboration with various public and private bodies, on a local, state-wide and international scale, always emphasising the importance of collaboration.

Basque Cybersecurity Day: sharing makes us stronger

In line with our objective of becoming the meeting point for cybersecurity in the Basque Country, we are organising the Basque Cybersecurity Day for this November.

The event aims to contribute to dynamising the cybersecurity sector by promoting the application of these technologies throughout the industry with a dual purpose:
Maturing the Basque industrial ecosystem to make it more secure and more protected against cyber-threats.
Ensuring that cybersecurity becomes a differential value contributing to the competitive capacity of companies in the Basque Country.

At the same time we are backing cybersecurity entrepreneurship as the motor for economic development, allowing the Basque Country to position itself as an international benchmark in the field.

And finally, we are seeking to promote the culture of cybersecurity throughout Basque society by identifying the measures which best promote values that are transferable to the digital domain. In this way, the general public can be made more aware of the risks arising from the use of the internet and new technologies, and be better prepared to face them.

The day will address the issue of how SMEs are now in the spotlight as cybercriminals consider them to be the weakest link in the supply chain, as reflected in cases such as the Trojans affecting popular applications like CCleaner.

Our event will also have a special space dedicated to entrepreneurship, as this has become a global challenge. The BCSC is promoting projects which seek to improve the cybersecurity of this community, and in doing so has attracted companies and capital from abroad to make the Basque Country a reference point in the field of cybersecurity. One of these strategies, which is aligned with the public strategy promoted through BIND 4.0, is the start-up accelerator, which also gives new companies access to leading companies in Industry 4.0.

Basque Cybersecurity Day will not only focus on the professional sector but also on other issues with a social impact, such as Education or Cybercrime. The event seeks to transmit the importance of raising awareness among every individual, from the youngest to the oldest users, of the need to make safe and responsible use of the internet and new technologies.

The final aim of the day, about which we will shortly be publishing more details, is to give cybersecurity the space it deserves. Only a society which is fully aware, with institutions and companies which are willing to collaborate and share experiences, will be able to face up to one of the most important threats of the 21st century.