Basque Cyber Security Centre - Centro Vasco de Ciberseguridad

Recognition for the Basque Cybersecurity Centre as it is accepted to join FIRST, the foremost international Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams

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Frontiers do not exist for cybercriminals, and because of this, global collaboration between CIRST (Incident Response and Security Teams) is key. In 2017 the Ertzaintza recorded a total of 9,127 cybercrimes in the Basque Country. This figure was 20% up on the previous year, and in the first 6 months of this year they have already been alerted to over 6,000 such crimes. This is only the tip of the iceberg, as cybersecurity breaches are not always reported, and estimates currently put the economic losses to Basque businesses caused by cybercrime at around 840 million Euros.

Since its creation in 2017, the BCSC (Basque Cybersecurity Centre) has prioritised its work in raising the level of cybersecurity in the Basque Country, and establishing collaborative, trust-based relationships with other national and international bodies, in both the public and private sectors, in order to offer a joint coordinated response to cybersecurity incidents. This entails working continuously with organisms including the Ertzaintza, technological centres such as Tecnalia, Vicomtech, Ik4-Ikerlan or the Basque Centre for Applied Mathematics, and with other CSIRT / CERT, including INCIBE-CERT. Continuing with this work, we are very pleased to announce today that we have joined FIRST, the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams.

A vital Forum since 1988

In order to discover the origins of FIRST, it is necessary to go back to November 1988, when the term Internet was still unknown to most people around the world. This was when the first worm-like virus, Morris the Worm, wreaked havoc in thousands of Internet servers, eliciting an uncoordinated, fragmented response. The CIRT Coordination Centre was founded as a result - sowing the seeds of FIRST, which would be set up in 1990.

Since then, over 400 organisations from every continent, both public and private, and from the military, educational or government sectors amongst others, have joined the forum which today is vital to fomenting collaboration between the different cybersecurity incident response teams in existence. BCSC's adhesion to this initiative supposes that we now have pro-active access to information pertaining to threats, tools, response strategies, etc.

Collaboration and coordination as a way of dealing with cybersecurity incidents

Being accepted as a fully-fledged member of FIRST is a key milestone and demonstrates important recognition of the Basque Centre for Cybersecurity's commitment to fighting cybercrime. This accomplishment rates alongside the naming of Javier Diéguez as Representative of the European Regional Committee for Collaboration in European Cybersecurity Organisations (ECSO).

At BCSC we will continue to work to make the Basque Country a safer place. Together we are stronger.