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Legal information

BCSC is an enterprise belonging to SPRI and, as such, this website is the property of the Basque business development agency (SPRI), Fiscal ID number Q4800789B and registered offices at Alameda Urquijo, 36 - 4ª Plta. Edificio Plaza Bizkaia. 48011 Bilbao.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

The contents of this web site, including texts, images, sound files, animation, etc, and the graphic design and source code are protected under Spanish legislation referring to intellectual and industrial property rights, in favour of SPRI. It is, therefore, totally forbidden to reproduce, distribute or publically broadcast this content, partially or in its entirety, without the written permission of SPRI.

Web content and links

SPRI is not responsible for the misuse of any content of our web site, this being the sole responsibility of any persons using said site. SPRI takes no responsibility for the information contained in any web sites belonging to third parties which might be accessed from this web site via links or search engines.

Updating and modification to the web site

SPRI reserves the right to modify or eliminate any information contained in the web site without prior warning, likewise, modifications to the configuration and presentation, for which SPRI takes no responsibility.

Technical aspects

SPRI takes no responsibility for any technical or equipment problems which might arise when users are connected to Internet. Neither is SPRI responsible for any damage caused by third parties as a result of any illegal interference outside SPRI's control. The entity is also exonerated of all responsibility regarding possible injury or harm suffered by any user as a consequence of errors, defects or omissions in the information published, when said information originates from third party sources.

Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy details how the Basque Cybersecurity Centre / Centro Vasco de Ciberseguridad (BCSC), which belongs to the Basque Agency for Business Development, handles your personal data in accordance with current legislation. Said policy sets out your rights in accordance with the general regulations for data protection, (Reglamento General de Protección de Datos - RGPD).

1. BCSC - identification and contact details.

BCSC is the Basque Government's agency for business development, which is lead from the Department for Economic Development and Infrastructure.

The BCSC can be contacted via the following channels:

·       In person or by post to BCSC: Parque Tecnológico de Álava. Albert Einstein Kalea, 46, 01510 Vitoria-Gasteiz, Araba.

·       By email: [email protected]

·       By telephoning our Customer Service line: 900104891.

2. Exercising your rights

You can exercise the following rights:

1.     The right to access your personal details to know which are being processed and what data processing operations they are being used for.  

2.     The right to correct any erroneous personal data.

3.     The right to suppress your personal data, where possible.

4.     The right to apply to limit data processing of your personal data when the exactness, legality or need for data processing is called into question. In this case, data will be saved for effects of exercising or defending claims.

5.     The right to oppose personal data operations when the law permitting the BCSC to process your data - as shown in the table above - is of legitimate interest. The BCSC will cease to use your data unless it has an overriding legitimate interest, or is saving for effects of exercising or defending claims.  

6.     The right to data portability where the legal basis which permits us to process data represents a contractual relationship or your consent.  

7.     The right to revoke consent given to the BCSC.

In addition, we should inform you that you have the right to make a claim before the Spanish Agency for Data Protection if you consider there has been an infringement of the legislation surrounding data protection, and in reference to the processing of your personal data.

3. Details of data processing carried out by the BCSC

BCSC has a Register of Processing Activities where details of all data processing actions are recorded by the person in charge in each case, and includes information regarding the legal basis behind the action:

a)     Communication and marketing: the legal basis is the user's consent, given when subscribing to our newsletter via the website.

b)     Suppliers: the contractual relationship and legal obligations are set out in the BCSC's terms and conditions of tender and/or public tenders. (Law 9/2017, 8th November: public sector contracts).

c)     Human Resources: the legal basis is the contractual relationship supported by labour legislation.

d)     Users: the legal basis is the explicit consent given when registering on the website.

e)     Personal contacts: the legal basis is their legitimate interest in relation to the business activity, mercantile relationships, institutional relationships and persons interested in the activity of the BCSC.

In justifiable cases, where greater detail of the Register of Processing Activities is required, interested parties can contact the BCSC by means of any of the channels mentioned above in Section 1.

4. Security and guarantees

Our aim is to process personal data in a correct, legal way, in accordance with current data protection principles.

In the case of personal data being processed by the BCSC for legitimate reasons of interest, the person responsible for the action will weigh up the interests, rights and freedom of the affected parties, and ponder the measures to be taken in accordance with the relevant laws, in order to guarantee that due privacy is not affected.

All security measures set up correspond to those planned for in Annexe II (Security measures) in the Real Decreto 3/2010, 8th January, governed by the National Security System's Electronic Administration sector. All measures should also be described in documents aligned to the BCSC's Policy for data protection and information security.

How long do we keep your data for?

We keep your data no longer than is strictly necessary according to applicable statutes.

If your data is no longer needed to fulfil the legal requirements it was initially gathered for, it will be destroyed in accordance with the laws of data protection.

5. Data transfer

Your personal data may be passed on to competent public offices and collaborating businesses with which the BCSC has established a guaranteed contractual relationship, maintained for the sake of gathering data.

Data may be communicated to those suppliers necessary for the BCSC's data processing activities. This information is set out in the Register of Processing Activities.

6. Cancellation of commercial communication subscription

The interested party has the right to revoke the consent given for receiving commercial communications at any time. This may be done by any means indicated above, and in addition, may be done by clicking on the link included in every communication, thereby cancelling all subsequent electronic commercial communication.

7. Confidentiality

All personal details which might be gathered by means of the Web site or other ways of communication we may have with you, will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. The BCSC undertakes to safeguard all secrets relevant to the agreement as established in current legislation.

8. Updating the privacy policy

It may be necessary to update the BCSC's Privacy Policy, in which case we ask you to review the policy periodically, on each visit to our website, where possible, in order to continue to be adequately informed of the type of information gathered and being processed. The Privacy Policy can be found in the website footnotes.

The Privacy Policy was last updated on the 22 January, 2018.

Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

“Cookies” are alphanumerical identifiers which are sent to and installed in your computer via your web browser, in order to gather determinate anonymous information which under no circumstances allows the user to be identified, but which the systems use to recognise the browser and various statistical data, in order to improve the services we offer.

Specifically, SPRI uses Google Analitycs to measure users' interaction between our web and related sites, such as the blog. We use this tool fundamentally to understand how the visitors to our web site communicate with us via this channel.

Google guarantees that the cookies it installs contain no personal data, and that they are used solely to gather information in order to measure search tendencies, user preferences, web functioning, associated advertising, user location and other such perametres. For more information about the cookies used by Google, visit Types of cookies used by Google.

The cookies installed in your computer by Google Analitycs in order to carry out said measurements, are described in "Cookies usage on websites” (in English).

Google offers this service in line with its general conditions and privacy policy.

The BCSC informs the users of its web portal that any information referring to the use of this site via Google is obtained solely by Google in its own name, and at no time does the owner of the site have access to said information, but only to the aggregate information supplied later by Google, via Google Analitycs, which is not associated to any personal IP addresses.

The user should understand that Google determines the final usage of the of the data scrutiny carried out by Google Analitycs, including the functioning and duration of the Cookie, With regard to the information made available by Google, users may avoid forming part of the information gathering by refusing to allow the cookie installation by means of their browser's own set-up.

In order to facilitate users blocking the installation of cookies in their computers, should they so wish, SPRI puts at their disposal links giving instructions to this end offered by browsers whose usage in deemed to be the most widespread:

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What kind of cookies does this web site use?

In addition, this web site may use the cookies necessary to remember, while valid, the browsing preferences of the user:         

Cookie NameCookie CategoryDescriptionDuration
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Finally, third party cookies could be installed if the user employs tools to share any content from the portal on social networks. Said cookies are actually the property of the same social networks where users are sharing content, and we recommend that users visit the web pages of these social tools in order to learn more about them.

How to deactivate our cookies (or any cookie)

As mentioned above, the user may refuse to have their data or information treated, or by refusing to accept the use of cookies by means of the appropriate configuration on their browser. However, users must be aware that if they do this, they may not be able to fully use the site.

Once the user has read the accompanying information, we advise them that, if they continue to browse our site without having taken the opportune precautions to personalise their browsers, and thus impede the installation of cookies by said site, they will be giving their consent for the use of said mechanisms, as expressed in article 22.2 of Law 34/2002 of the Services to the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, and set out in Royal Decree 13/2012 of March 30th.