Basque Cyber Security Centre - Centro Vasco de Ciberseguridad

The Basque cybersecurity ecosystem shows its potential at the San Francisco RSA Conference (USA)

The Basque cybersecurity ecosystem has demonstrated its potential at the RSA Conference, one of the most internationally important cybersecurity events, held in San Francisco (USA) from the 4th to the 8th of March. During the event the Centro Vasco de Ciberseguridad-Basque Cybersecurity Centre (BCSC), in collaboration with several Basque cybersecurity companies, organised a seminar to showcase the potential of the Basque cybersecurity ecosystem, accompanied by the minister for Economic Development and Infrastructures, Arantxa Tapia.

Under the slogan "Basque Country: Land of Cyber Opportunities" we showed that the Basque Country is an ideal place for entrepreneurs in the cybersecurity sector, given the strong industrial ecosystem already in place, and the support lent by the Basque Government to new initiatives.

Participants to the seminar came from Asia (Japan, Taiwan, Qatar and Israel), America (USA and Mexico) and Europe. The participation of Dale Peterson was especially interesting, as creator of the S4, the biggest and most advanced CS (Industrial Control System) cybersecurity event in the world; also Riaz Zolfonoon, keynote at various RSA conferences; and Gorka Sadowski,Head of Ciber Investigation for infrastructures at Gartner.

After the Director of the BCSC, Javier Diéguez, opened the event, the initial panel took the floor, comprising the three speakers mentioned above and the minister for Economic Development and Infrastructures. Arantxa Tapia.  

Following the panel, there were several interventions from Panda Security, Hdiv Security, SealPath, CounterCraft, Redborder, Enigmedia and Alias Robotics - all companies with a game-changing technological profile, exemplifying the potential of the Basque cybersecurity ecosystem.

The Basque Country, at the head of cybersecurity entrepreneurship

The Basque Centre for Cybersecurity and its strategy aimed at giving high international visibility to the Basque market for cybersecurity continue to flourish, as was shown at the start of this year, when Javier Diéguez, the director of the centre, was named by the European body ECSO codirector of their Work Group Number 2. This position has contributed to the Basque Country gaining relevance on the international stage, enabling it to position itself as a focal point for atttracting investment, and thereby demonstrating the ideal nature of the region for establishing business related to the sector, where the powerful industrial ecosystem contributes to the flourishing of new opportunities.

Towards the end of last year, with the publication of the Basque White Paper on Cybersecurity, a catalogue featuring over 100 organisations related with cybersecurity and with their headquarters in the Basque Country, the true potential existing here and now, and the consequent business opportunitites became apparent. 

Mention should also be made of other initiatives promoted by the Basque Government, including the launch of the third edition of the BIND 4.0 programme - a programme oriented towards the development of new technological projects based around internationally referenced businesses and start-ups - and the deployment of the Basque Digital Innovation Hub, led by the BCSC in collaboration with members of the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network.

Under the slogan "Basque Country: Land of Cyber Opportunities" we showed that the Basque Country is the ideal place for cybersecurity and related entrepreneurial opportunities.

Alongside the BCSC, a total of 12 Basque cybersecurity organisations attended the event to show what they are capable of.

They accompanied participants from 13 states and the European Cybersecurity Organisation (ECSO).